Living Outside
Everyday Cyberpunk Adventures From The Not-Too-Distant Future

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Selected Virtual Worlds And Spaces

The below worlds are mostly based on current fandoms. By the time full immersion virtual reality worlds exist, this list will be seriously out of date. Some of these worlds, such as Star Wars, will almost certainly be realized Outside. Others will have been forgotten by then. As well as beginning to establish the wide scope of Outside, I hope that this list will demonstrate the variety and extent of current fandoms. It’s amazing how much work fans have put into expanding and realizing their favorite fictional worlds. I believe that while professionals may create the initial structures of these worlds, it will be fans who ultimately do the most to fill them in and bring them to life. Middle-earth forever!

If anyone has other ideas for potential virtual worlds, let me know.

Titles in red are directly involved in the story of Living Outside.
Titles in blue are for fun and to give some context for what’s going on Outside.

Major Game Worlds With Social Components

Ataraxia: One of the premier gaming worlds of Outside.
Bullet Ballet: Slow motion gun battles to the death!
Bushido Blade: Honor. Revenge. Slaughter.
CyFrenia: Mech based offshoot from Ataraxia.
Eclipse Phase
Dragon Warrior Outside
Final Fantasy
Golden Martyr: Based on the books. Epic horror-scape. Extremely unfortunate design.
Grand Theft Outside
Hero/Dragon: Kill the dragon and his minions! Win his castle with all its goodies! Or become the dragon and fight off other players.
Kung Fu Continent
Nintendo/Sega Outside: Pokemon, Mushroom Kingdom, Hyrule, etc.
Puzzle Grind: One of the many, many puzzle worlds.
Resident Evil: One of the many game series that evolved into full immersion virtual worlds.
Silent Hill: A fun place to visit.
Space Wars: Space opera central. In Space Wars, explosions are silent. Unless you’re the one exploding.
Super Happy Fun Land: Has not been happy or fun since an unfortunate coup which [data redacted]. NOT to be confused with Happy Land.
Starcraft/Warcraft/Diablo Outside: Blizzard’s war on productivity continues.
Steam Nation: Steampunk heaven with a robust gaming framework.
Yoma: Inspired by Japenese horror manga Claymore, Berserk, Gantz and the works of Junji Ito.

Games And Entertainment- Often Including Social Aspects

Destructo World: The physical world, continuously deconstructed. With explosions and Katamari.
Dread Pirates: Swashbuckling adventures on the high seas.
Happy Land: The one place where bad things never happen. Except for the riots.
Hot Pursuit: Get away from the bad guys by car, by jetpack, or by parkour through the concrete jungle gym of Chase City.
Hyper Grind: Incredibly popular strategy game. One of T’s favorites.
Mech Smash: Notable for the exacting detail that goes into the mechs and mech combat, all of which is physically realistic and could actually occur in the natural world, given ridiculous resources.
Quarter Arcade: The most rocking arcade of all time.
Theme Parks Outside: Digitized Disney World, Universal Studios, Six Flags, Wet'n Wild, etc.
Ultra-Epic Crash Forest: Mike’s favorite single player rpg.
Wild Blue Yonder: Realistic aerial combat from every generation.


Crain Slain: Featured in episode 4. Also has a decent rhythm game extract.
Ego Slider
Gold Wire
The Grid: Expanding dance floor on an infinite plane. Music and vibe changes as you move in any direction.

Social Spaces, Many With Game Components

Afterlife Collective: Dozens of realized visions of the afterlife. Some heavenly, some hellish, frequently weird.
Communes: Where millions live Outside. Artistic, religious, polyamorous, world building, etc.
Mars Colony: Earthlings and Martians, coexisting peacefully on Mars. Many users play Martians, who have their own culture, social mores, and a developing language.
Lunar, Jupiter, and Europa Colonies
Virtualized Cities: Just about every city has been virtualized to some extent, but some have been “brought Outside” more than others, including New York City, London, Paris, Beijing, the mysterious land of Toronto, Canada, etc.
Fan Conventions: Anime, science fiction, horror, comics, gaming, etc. Some periodic, some perennial.
Film Festivals (perennial and periodic): Fantastic Fest, Cannes, etc.
The Graveyard: Goth central.
Historic era simulations: These aim for realism. The 1980’s, Victorian England, the Aztec Empire, etc.
The Mixer: Popular social space where participants are given random proxies each time they visit. Short, tall, thin, fat, male, female, etc.
The Mythic Golden Ages Of Countries: Samurai Japan, 1001 Nights Baghdad, Three Kingdoms era of China, etc.
Mythologies Incarnated Outside: Hindu, Arabic, Buddhist, Greco-Roman, etc.
The Ocean Outside: Live at the bottom of the ocean! Stare at the weird animals. Watch out for Kraken.
Omni: Social hub. Music, sex, spirals.
Philosophy And Debate Clubs: Discussions of philosophy, religion, ad infinitum.
The Pure Land: Experiments and lessons in compassion. Meditation, empathy exercises, etc.
Sunshine City: One of the most popular and well realized meta-worlds of Outside. With a community of millions and robust gaming components.

Educational Spaces

Virtual Universities: Many are excellent and super cheap or free.
Virtual museums- Smithsonian/Louvre/etc: Touch the art! Set it on fire! Take it all home for free!
Safari!: Every damn animal ever. Yes, dinosaurs too. Watch them, shoot them, ride them, whatever.
Maths: Fuck yeah, maths.
Science Town: Interactive science learning for all ages and levels of knowledge.

Horror Worlds

Hell Fray: Premier survival horror world. Epic.
Painted Doors: The Pink Cellar Door is legendary and has become a meme. Hint: do not touch pink cellar doors.
Reflecting Shadows (Color of Night): Surreal. Beautiful. Gruesome.
Still Space: Dubious distinction of having contributed to at least two fatal heart attacks. Still includes no warning.
The Swirling Abyss: Spiral devoted to nightmare fetishists.
Undead Earth: There are many zombie game worlds. This is the premier zombie survival world. With a few nasty twists.
Combined SCP Foundation/Holders Universe: Not for those who lack conviction. See these links:
The SCP Foundation
The Holders Series

Runs, Spirals, and Experimental

--7 colors represent the different types of game runs:
Red: Chase/racing
Orange: Strategy/puzzle games
Yellow: Action/fun
Green: Mech combat and flight
Blue: Horror
Indigo: Sexual
Violet: Experiential/endurance/experimental forms

-There are 2 types of non-game runs:
White: Social. Like wandering the lands or couch surfing.
Black: Non-social. For fun or contemplation. Joy rides, retreats, etc.

-Some specific runs:
Rainbow Run: Includes all. Legendary. Brutal. Insane. Fun to watch from a distance.
Endless Run: With minimal effort, the flow will continue indefinitely. Great way to meander Outside.
Dark Side Run: One nasty piece of work. For rotten bastards.

Indra’s Net: Spiral featured in Omni episode. With feeds from all over the physical world and Outside.

-Experimental spaces:
Vermillion Pleasure Slice
The Washer

Sexual Spaces

BDSM Communities: Safe, sane and consensual. Safe and consensual anyway.
Downstairs Mixer: Orgy goers provided with random proxies.
Friends and Lovers: Focus on socialization and making connections.
Sex Spirals: Spirals focused on sexuality. A great way to have sex with 100 people at once.
Oodles & Oodles
Sex Arena: Features various forms of combat. The winner has their way with the loser. Great way to meet people.
Yiffville: Furry fun.

Worlds Designed To Evoke The Works Of Creators

Al-buquerque: All things Weird Al.
Anne McCaffrey’s Pern
David Lynch’s Subconscious: Featuring the Twin Peaks- full immersion experience.
Jhonen Vasquez Junji Ito’s Spiral: Awesome Japanese horror manga artist. Ironically, a “spiral”.
Masamune Shirow
Michael Moorcock
Monty Python’s Outside Circus
Neal Stephenson’s Metaverse
Neil Gaiman’s Dreaming
Sam Raimi’s Bloody Mess
Shinya Tsukamoto
Tad Williams' Otherland
Takashi Miike
Tim Burton’s “Nightmare”
William Gibson’s Sprawl

Realized Fantasy Worlds- Many with game elements:

The Adult Swim Continuum
Adventure Time!
World of Conan
Comic Book Dimensions: DC/Marvel/Image/Dark Horse/Etc
Doctor Who
Eberron: D&D world.
Harry Potter
Hitchiker's Guide to the Outside
Mad Rush For The Scissors
The Magic Kingdom
Matrix: Mega City, Machine City, Zion, etc.
Miskatonic U
Planescape: Epic campaign setting.
Star Trek
Star Wars
Toontown: Crosslinked with the Magic Kingdom.
The Whedonverse:

Anime Worlds

Dragon Ball: Bravado and furious fighting, in that order.
Ghibli/Miyazaki: Realized Worlds Collective.
Giant Robo
Magical Girl World
One Piece
Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Sakura Breeze
Rumiko Takashi Collective: Ranma ½, Urusei Yatsursa, etc.
World of Tezuka
And about a million more