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These links are from 2011-2012, but they're still mostly relevant. For the newest tech and science news, especially items related to Living Outside, see my tumblr, or check out one of these sites:

H+ Magazine
Kurzweil AI
Science Daily

Neural Implants


Cochlear Implant- has restored hearing to almost 200,000 worldwide

Neat Brain Interface Made of Silk

Wirelessly Powered Implantable Neural Sensor

Monkeys Move Robotic Arm With Motor Cortex Implant

First person to use a brain-computer interface to restore functionality lost due to paralysis.

Brain-computer interface wiki

Visual prosthesis- Wikipedia entry has a summary of the various types

Fiber optic interface to link robotic limbs, human brain

First self-powered nanosystem with wireless data transmission

Futurist Predictions

Intel predicts Universal Remote Control by 2020

2039: Full immersion virtual reality

Ray Kurzweil: "By 2030 we'll have full-immersion, shared, virtual-reality environments."

Non-Implant Brain Interfaces

Brain controlled wheelchair

Brain controlled robot

Visual Implants And Augmentation

BrainPort: See with your tongue! Video, Wikipedia

Virtual Retinal Display

Retinal implant 1, 2

Bionic contacts, Wikipedia

Apple iLens Concept video

Virtual Reality Glasses

Augmented Reality Goggles

Military-Grade Augmented Reality

Piezoelectric effect: potential source of power for devices

Wireless power: Magnetic Inductive Charging

Nanotube Loudspeakers: install speakers everywhere!

Telepresence wiki

Portable laser backpack revolutionizes 3D mapping

Producing and exploring virtual copies of objects

Advanced physics engine demo

Etymotic's BlastPLG Electronically Enhanced Earplugs

Future Of Screen Technology

Spy-Like Sunglasses Shoot and Share Videos

A Bionic Eye Comes to Market

“Diminished reality” software removes objects from video in real time

Every Single Gadget Could "See" With World's Tiniest, Simplest Camera

Vuzix Wrap 920 Augmented Reality Hands On

Eye Tracking

"Eye-Controlled Earphones"- part of the inspiration for Mike's eye tracking ear inserts

Eye Tracking Wikipedia entry

Nintendo 3DS- uses head tracking to create a 3D display

Proprioception Hacking

Projecting into a virtual woman and being slapped

3rd person perspective used to dissociate mind from body

Brain develops motor memory for prosthetics

Control Schemes

Virtual mouse

Virtual keyboard

Subvocal recognition

Xbox Kinect makes a virtual FAO Schwartz floor piano

MIT's Kinect Hack Tracks All Ten Fingers Simultaneously

Brain Organization

Somatosensory System

Bandwidth Of The Human Senses

The Bandwidth of the Human Eye (~10 megabits/second)

How much data and how fast can the spinal cord transmit to your brain? (~1 GB/second upper limit)


Haptic Technology

Haptic Glove Prototype: HIRO III

Another Haptic Glove Prototype

More about Haptic Gloves

Carbon Nanotube Muscles- huge potential for haptics

Wearable cameras allow for motion capture anywhere

Tactile technology guaranteed to send shivers down your spine

Virtual Worlds

Minecraft Timelapse - Huge Floating Steampunk City

Minecraft- Lord of the Rings built in Minecraft to scale!

Trailer for MMO Otherland- Virtual Reality based role playing game.


Driverless Car Wikipedia Entry

Google's automated cars

RFID labels for automated checkout

BMW Robotic Assembling Plant

Kiba Systems robots warehouse automation

Fastest industrial robot

Picker Robot Gets Turned Up To 11

Foxconn Will Replace Workers With 1 Million Robots in 3 Years

Future of Computers/Other Cool Stuff

Memristors: are pretty cool

Researchers Graft Olfactory Receptors Onto Nanotubes

Dennou Coil
Ghost in the Shell
Check out Marshall Brain's story Manna.
The Matrix
Minority Report
Moon- independent hard science fiction!
Rainbow's End- Novel by Vernon Vinge
Scott Pilgrim
Strange Days
Sword Art Online

Augmented reality glasses for the win! These images from Dennou Coil are examples of what augmented reality controls and windows might look like. Note that displays can be suspended in fixed points in space, regardless of where the user may be looking.